From my roots as a representational plein-air painter to some of my recent works of a more expressive and abstract nature, I have been fortunate to have traveled, lived, painted, and experienced many places. 

These days I use the skills I have developed over my 37 year pursuit along with spontaneous intuition, abstraction, and symbolism to capture the essence of nature and how I identify with it – I want to fall in to the land dreaming rather than conquer it.

My goal in my current work is images of who we really are; or at times of emotions produced in us. Sometimes my paintings expose nakedness rather than cover it up. They can be like a mirror and change according to who is viewing them.

Besides a story with accompanying symbolism, I purpose to have an equally compelling abstract quality which I hope communicates directly to the soul.

I attempt in my work to be true to myself; some pieces are about my daily musings and encounters, some about ancient stories with a little personal symbolism thrown in. I want to capture cosmic feelings which are not always rational. Though much of what I currently paint is about inner landscape, I still like to paint natural beauty that inspires me as well. And always, esthetics and color are primary.